Complaint CCSA

Dear members

AGM and other issues

As most of you would be aware, I was an apology for the AGM of Club Citroen Of South Australia Inc on 13/8/13 due to serious health issues, but what transpired has been reported to me.

My constitutional amendments were correctly lodged in writing in accordance with the constitution and the report that certain members tried to dismiss them without consideration in my absence I find reprehensible.

For those that did vote for them, thankyou. For those that voted them down and that includes all of you who lodged proxies with committee members, thanks for nothing. You have shown that you support a group of people who lack sound ethical principles. In particular, in voting down my amendment entitled “Access to Documents”, you have shown that you support a culture of secrecy in this club. This is in conflict with State Government guidelines for Incorporated Associations and means that the committee of the club is not accountable to members for its actions.

My contributions to the club in recent years include 2 years as an Auditor, 3 years as Treasurer, 4 years as Historic Registration Officer and a major contributor to $8,500 worth of fund raising that was done for the club. That fund raising enabled club assets such as the laptop computer and projector to be purchased and has contributed to a healthy bank balance.

I am very disappointed that I am now being treated with such disdain by you and the committee and do not intend to support the club any further, while the current committee is in place.

Therefore, I am resigning as Historic Vehicle Certification Officer, effective from Saturday 17/8/13. I will pass on all records that I have to Mr Allan Ward and so anyone who has any enquiries regarding historic registration should contact Allan in future.

Chris Bennet